Thursday, December 29, 2011

The meat thing

When I was single, I sometimes ate just a bowl of peas for dinner. When I got together with the hubby, though, I found that the meatless meals were not so popular. The man likes beef, pork, chicken, you name it. In fact, in the spring and summer (and fall, depending on the weather) our weekly menu tends to revolve around charcoal-grilled meats. That includes chicken, pork chops, brats, chicken sausage, and sometimes, if we're feeling fancy, tuna and steak. Sometimes when we make breakfast, there's not so much a discussion about what to have, but how many different kinds of meat will be present. Ham? Bacon? Sausage? All three?

Anyway, that's why most of these recipes will not be vegetarian in nature. I shoot for a meatless meal every week or two weeks, but there you are. When in doubt, substitute black beans!

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