Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beignets: Beign there, done that

Beignet and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde

Well, we came, we saw, and we devoured six beignets between us. Erin and I thought we'd only eat one each, but clearly, they were too powerful for us. :) The beignets are not doughnuts by any stretch. They taste like a large chunk of deep fried funnel cake, covered in powdered sugar. I always thought the powdered sugar would be too much, but it's actually about right. The coffee is just as dark as espresso, but much more mild, with no need of sugar or milk, in my opinion. Although I hear that a cafe au lait is the way to go here.

In any case, you can see why the place has been open forever, give or take two months after Hurricane Katrina. People flock to it and for good reason. Great food, great service, great coffee. We sent some coffee and beignet mix home, so we'll see how it tastes on Midwest soil!

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