Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lemon Poundcake with Toasted Pecans

As with many things, what I often start out to make never turns out as intended. So it was with this recipe. This is why you should read the entire recipe before you bake!

For instance, I didn't have any oranges or limes, or pistachios that I knew of, so I ended up substituting all lemons, and toasted pecans, and I had just enough eggs. However, all's well that ends well, and so it was with the Lemon Poundcake.

This is adapted from Orangette's Pistachio-Citrus pound cake, found here:

Lemon Poundcake with Toasted Pecans

2 cups flour
1 t. kosher salt
1 t. baking powder
2 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature
2 cups sugar
5 eggs
lemon juice from two lemons
Zest from two lemons
1 cup chopped, toasted pecans

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees, and butter a 9-in.-by-5-in. loaf pan. Cut a strip of wax paper to fit the bottom of the pan, and up the narrow ends, leaving paper hanging over the edge. Press this down into the greased pan, and butter the paper too.

Chop up the pecans, spread them on a cookie sheet, and bake them in the heating oven about 10 minutes or so. Set aside to cool.

In a separate bowl, whisk the flour, salt and baking powder. In your electric mixer, beat the butter til light and fluffy about 2 minutes. Add in the sugar, and beat in. Then add the eggs one at a time. I did all this while the mixer was running at low speed and it worked fine. Add in about half to 3/4 of the juice and zest, and keep mixing. Then add the flour mixture about 1/3 cup at a time.

Now, what I should have done here is take the bowl out and mix it up a bit. I had clumps of sugar stuck to the bottom, and didn't realize it until I poured it into the pan. So, mix this up a bit and scrape the sides.

Now fold in about half the pecans or a bit more, and pour into the greased pan. Sprinkle the remaining pecans on top.

Bake the cake for about 90 minutes, rotating halfway through if you remember, which I didn't until about 60 minutes in. It turned out fine. Cool 10 to 15 minutes. Run a knife on the long ends of the pan, and carefully lift out of the pan with your wax paper handles. Cool on a rack for about 30 minutes. Wrap in wax paper and put in the fridge.

Now, you'll notice you still have some juice and zest left. Mix the two in a medium bowl, and add powdered sugar about 1/4 cup at a time, whisking thoroughly after each addition, until you have glaze-like consistency. If you get it too thick, and you don't have any more juice, just add vanilla. Put this in a container, and put in the fridge for later.

The next day, cut up the bread and place on a platter. I cut it in 1/2 in. thick slices, and then cut the slices in half. Drizzle the glaze over the bread, and serve with coffee.

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  1. This looks excellent! I will be making this soon - without the nuts of course! :)