Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Hi all,

This post idea comes from the Radical Self Love guru, Gala Darling, and if you haven't checked out her site, get to it — good stuff all around.

As for me, here's a series of things I'm loving lately...

All grammatical mistakes aren't mistakes! As an honest-to-goodness professional writer, it's great to see this article in print — thanks, Cracked! Props to Casey for passing this on.

Cocoa-roasted almonds. Saw these bad boys in Walgreens the other day, and had to pick them up. I try to eat almonds, but I'm really not a fan... until now! Also, the whole package only has 2 grams of sugar -- how do they do that?? — this chick makes me think I could actually make my own clothes. I even bought the fabric!

Nail polish, in particular the New York City Ballet collection by OPI. Great color! Now, when to get to Ulta to buy it...

Biking. Although, currently, I rock a 6-speed Mango beach cruiser with a blue Schwinn helmet. I'd rather have one of these bikes...

Chocolate Brix Bar — I received one of these for watching my friend's cat. How nice is she?? :) It's huge! I'm sort of hoarding it right now. Actually, I hid it. From myself.

When you need to glue something, like jewelry, or that purse holder your friend has that broke, the go-to is E6000 glue. Accept no substitutes.

This article from about how it takes a really long time to carmelize onions and no one tells you, and other recipe lies... hilarious! And true, sadly. Found that one out the hard way!

This song from the "127 Hours" soundtrack — Never Hear Surf Music Again by Free Blood. Awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aren't those Chocolate Brix awesome?! We took another one with us to Florida - yum! And I LOVE the Slate article. I have always wondered what kind of an idiot I must be that all recipes take me at least twice as long as the allotted time the recipe gives. Good news - it's not just me! :)