Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's almost time for the weekend, and this one is three days long! Time to get out the grill and party down with your bad self. Do you know where your dancing shoes are?

I have not been at the stove much. I have, however, been crocheting up a storm. We have a new store in town, and I think it's great -- lots of neat colors and patterns! Knit & Knot, I'm talking about you! I made it halfway through a blanket and ran out of yarn. Luckily, they are open til 8 p.m. Awesome.

This week, I'm also loving this article from Self Magazine on Miranda Lambert. Also, her workout! I have high hopes for this one! :)

The small microcooker from Pampered Chef makes vegetables in record time. No commissions here, just going by my experience! Broccoli takes less than 5 minutes to steam in this, which is awesome for when I get home late or decide to work out and still want to eat before 7:30 p.m.

Want to cook chicken faster? Forget pounding, just cut a chicken breast in half horizontally. Works great if the chicken breast is still slightly frozen... I got this idea from The Pioneer Woman's chicken bacon ranch panini recipe... which also looks like a good idea!

Feeling overwhelmed by housework? Check out the FlyLady. She's got the plan for what ails ya. No perfection, just good ideas and a little dose of happy.

So, that's it for today -- more recipes on the horizon, I hope!

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