Saturday, June 9, 2012

Decant, decant, decant: An addiction to Mason jars

I read a ton of home renovation articles. Pinterest is my new mistress, and Country Living has taken out a mortgage on my email inbox. Midwest Living claims my living room table. It's a sickness.

Anyway, the one bit of advice about home decor and organization that seems to stick with me is this: Decant, decant, decant.

I think it was an article about bathrooms, and it talked about the idea of trying to store items that have to be in sight. Now, I don't know about your bathroom, but ours is about the size of a closet. Storage is a joke, so everything is out in the open. However, this article made a point that not everything has to be in its original package....

It started there, with a squat, clear Presto jar full of cotton balls and q-tips. Then makeup brushes, and jewelry. It's shocking how much better the place looks with things contained in jars. Honestly. And now, of course, it's out of control, and it's really to do with the Mason jars.

When my grandma died, we ended up going through her basement, and there were a ton of jars, and not just any Mason jars, mind you -- these were the blue Mason jars.

These things are collectibles, and they had the original Presto white porcelain lined metal lids. Some even had the glass lids with the metal see-through screw tops. It was a canning nerd's dream.

Anyway, as you might imagine, I took a ton of them home, and they sat on my kitchen window. I didn't want to use them for canning. It seemed like a waste. But they were pretty with the light coming through.

Then, when the cat pulled the bag of whole wheat noodles from the pantry today -- again -- I had a thought. Why not use these guys?

So, today, I decanted rice and pasta. I have jars with orzo, arborio, barley, wild rice and egg noodles. And now, I keep thinking of the jars in the basement... and what to do with them. I might be addicted.

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