Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hatch chiles are here!

HyVee just got in their Hatch chiles for the year, and I bought a huge bag. At 2.99 a lb., they are worth every penny.

Thanks to Darla, I have a major appreciation for real chiles, and now can no longer buy the chiles in the can.... unless it's Hatch green chile sauce, and well, that's okay!

Hatch chiles come from Hatch, N.M. They are produced by local farmers, and have a limited distribution. So, by buying these guys, you're not only saving money, but supporting an industry that has invested generations of time into a small pepper.

Each year, I buy a bag of these at the store, roast them carefully on the stove burner, chop them up and freeze them for chili and enchiladas all year. One tip — wear gloves! These guys pack a punch and can leave your hands feeling as if they are on fire!

For more information on Hatch chiles and the community, check out this article from The Denver Post.

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