Thursday, September 27, 2012

August "Augie" doggie

You might have noticed a dearth of recipes around here. That's because we had a new arrival on Labor Day.

His name is Augie, he's 10 weeks old, and in the past three weeks, he's almost doubled in size. When we picked him up, he was two handfuls of wiggles, licks and cute, and now he's surpassing our largest cat at a rapid rate. Which is no small feat.

He loves to run.

He loves to chew dirt.

And smell the flowers. Perhaps we should have named him Ferdinand.

He loves to chew squeakers and rawhide and grass and my good scarf. He's still not sure about the barks from next door, and will stick close to us when he hears those. He follows D around all the time, when filling tanks or just doing chores. Oddly, he's very good at amusing himself with a bone and will sit on the kitchen floor while I'm cooking, and not even beg for scraps.

He's always happy, always glad to see us, and always looking ahead for the next challenge. A good lesson, I think. Unless the next challenge is chewing my shoes. :)

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