Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Cherry Bounce — Part 2!

Perhaps you remember that sometime around July, I received a boatload of cherries, and decided to make Cherry Bounce thanks to my literary obsessions?

Well, since then, the cherries, sugar, anise and whiskey have been fermenting away in the basement, happily turning a brilliant red. It's been about two months since we added the whiskey.

I decided it was time to bottle the bounce. I found some cute bottles at Marshalls and sterilized them. Then I assembled the tools -- the cherry bounce, strainers, a large bowl, the bottles and funnels.

I decided to pour the cherry bounce into the strainer in the large bowl, then ladle it into a funnel with a strainer into the jars.

By the way, I only had three of the fancy jars. I filled those plus two quart-size mason jars with the resulting cherry bounce.

Now, we just have to wait until the holidays to drink it! :) Happy Cherry Bounce!

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