Monday, October 8, 2012

Tomatoes and lavender, a last hurrah

Tomatoes. They never really leave, do they? Even after the Actual Freeze the other night, they were hanging on, ready to go the distance. Even after the harvest, the seeds stay on, determined to fight through and regenerate in the spring.

The season was brutal for tomatoes this year. We had all the sun in the world, and too much heat, and no rain. The tomatoes, what arrived early, turned spotty and white. Then when the rain finally came, the plants soaked it in and bloomed in a second harvest. 

This year, we planted three Early Girls and three Big Boys, and none really distinguished themselves as such. They were the entire lot of tomato planting this year, save for a few brazen cherry tomato plants that wouldn't be squelched. Combined with donations from friends, we had enough for some red salsa and for some tomato basil jam. After the cold, though, the tomatoes were still kicking, trying to get some time on their side, determined not to be robbed of a full season. 

I picked the last of the green ones this weekend, and ended up with a bowlful. I suppose they, and the rogue reds, will end up in green tomato salsa. 

I also picked the rest of the lavender.

I plan to use it in some natural cosmetics and candles this winter. Even the leaves smell wonderful. I have bunches of it hanging in the kitchen. 

I wish I had a recipe for you, but the Bourbon Ribs recipe (written hastily in pencil on a sticky note) is still on the fridge from the other night. As it is, there are no photos. Even if the camera had been charged, we ate as if the rib wranglers were on the loose. 

So there it is. Lavender, green tomatoes and no ribs for you. Maybe next time!

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