Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Michigan or bust... again

We went back to Michigan this year, and took the beast with us. “Vacation” became a bit of a loose term, trying to corral that guy, but there were good times.

This is Augie trying to get into the backseat of the car. After we told him no, he spent the rest of the trip trying to get into the front seat with us. Way to go, humans.

There was the lake, for one thing. Which we didn't spend too much time at, but we'll fix it next time.

There was the inlet with docks and shops and so on. Had a few great dinners -- one at Phil's, another at Saugatuck Brewing. Also found some super fun things for the dogster -- elk bones and the like.

There was beer, of course. This is a flight from Saugatuck's own. Excellent choices, all. Maggie's Irish Ale is my favorite though. Not to mention, they always have a few beers on nitro.

There were road trips to other breweries. Above is the beer menu at Bell's, flanked by the souvenirs of travel to various continents. We also took a short trip to Arcadia Brewing.

Arcadia has a fantastic drunken bean dip, by the way. No idea what's in it, except for black beans and one of their lighter beers, but man. Ridiculously good.

On the way back, we saw this guy, and had to take a photo of this metal chicken with the name “Saugy” on the front. Saugatuck's mascot, perhaps? We proceeded to call our pup Saugy Augie and laugh hysterically each time we said it. Augie was not amused.

On the way home, we stopped at Three Floyds brewery in Munster, Ind. They had these brisket tacos with sour cream, radishes and cilantro, in corn tortillas. Plans are to replicate this soon!

Anyway, we made it home, and are back to cooking, so you'll see some new recipes on here shortly. 

OH, and talk about burying the lede, but guess what? We have had 100 posts on this here blog! Yay! So, thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!

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