Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chocolate: Good for what ails you

Lately, I've had a bit of an obsession. With chocolate.

First, there was book club movie night. I made a brownie recipe from Cook's Illustrated (Here's a similar one via Brown Eyed Baker, adapted from Baking Illustrated).

They are, I think, the perfect combination of chocolate, fudge and ridiculous, baked in a square.

To top it off, we paired it with chocolate fudge topping and Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream.

We might need help.

(We also, I should mention, had these ridiculous ham sammies that hailed from Pinterest and instantly made fans of all of us. "Oh, no, I couldn't eat another one," I said. An outright lie. Easily could have taken down the whole pan. I made them this weekend and they were just as good! There was also an excellent salad with dressing. Will get the recipe for you soon.)

Then, for my birthday weekend, I couldn't pass up this recipe from TiffanyD. Am I supposed to argue with a faster, easier way to make Chocolate Whiskey cake? I didn't think so.

Thankfully, we broke up the dessert binge with some healthier options.

I kid, I kid! There were vegetables in there, somewhere. We did grill out again, and there was corned beef and brussels sprouts and carrots for St. Patty's.

Most of all, there was warm weather and funny cards and new books and sproutlings run amok and sun. Sun! Who knew. Hope renewed.

And, then there was dinner out, followed by a performance by Jim Gaffigan. So hilarious.

In any case, hope your weekend has more chocolate and laughs than not, and that things are well in your corner of the world. Back later with recipes!

P.S. Had someone ask about a particular recipe, and wanted to let you know the Recipe Index is now updated. Check there when you can't find something!

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