Sunday, June 15, 2014

A formula for dinner on the go

I've been working on jewelry lately, and haven't had much time for cooking. Whatever is in the fridge becomes dinner, which has made for some interesting combos. Almost everything, for a time, ended up in the oven, covered in cheese. I've probably posted some version of this sixty times here, but why not...

This seems to be a formula that works. It has all the necessary materials -- protein, veggies, cheese, sauce. I've also taken to using the green peppers and onions that were previously roasted via skewers on the grill, and that's been a great addition.

I'm also not averse to canned items. I think the enchilada sauce does well here, and while you certainly can make your own refried black beans, cutting out the extra step can help.

Finally, fresh spinach or spring-type lettuce, well, that is just the icing on the cake here. I have some kind of mystery green I planted in the garden this year, and I've been using that as well. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it -- looks like a type of chard -- but anything in that family should do well here.

So, when you're at the witching hour, with nay recipe at hand, throw it all in. You can always order pizza....

Empty the fridge dinner

1 lb. ground beef or steak, browned and drained
1 large Russet potato, baked in microwave for 5 min., then chopped
½ tomato, diced
½ green pepper, diced
½ onion, diced

Fresh spinach or greens of choice
1 can refried black beans
1 T. cumin
2 t. Greek seasoning
Salt and pepper
1 cup enchilada sauce
Small corn or flour tortillas
2 cups shredded cheddar or Monterey jack
Avocado - optional

Preheat oven to 375.

Brown beef; drain; wipe out skillet; sauté green pepper and onion, and add potato, tomato and greens. Add meat back in, and add seasonings. Add the enchilada sauce and stir.

Brush tortillas with oil. Fill with a spoonful or two of refried beans, and then the meat filling. Top with cheese, roll up and place seam-side down in greased pan.

Top with remaining cheese and bake for 10-20 min., depending on how crispy you want them.

I used six small ones in a 9-in. square pan, but I had enough filling for a 9x13 pan. Feed the masses!