Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gardening: Just add rain

Perhaps you remember,  months ago, when we started plants indoors.

And then, when we planted things outdoors and they actually grew(!) in the soil and didn't immediately die. Well. Most of them, anyway.

And then, after it warmed up a bit, we had rain. For days. And a smidgen of sun. Then more rain. Then, we had even more rain, even though we were pretty well set on the rain deal.

What I'm trying to say is, we have the most impressive crop of weeds I've ever seen. Granted, the veggies are bringing their A game, but I'm telling you, it's a battle out there. The peas are killing it, and the onions are even growing larger than golf balls, which has been as far as we've gotten in the past. Our tomatoes are fighting with blight at the moment, but we are working on it. More on them later. In the meantime...

... there's enough roughage to sink a tank. Suffice to say, we're all set with kale. Every two weeks I've been picking the leaves, cutting out the tough stems, washing them twice to get off the buggies, then preparing them for the freezer. I blanch the leaves in boiling water for about three minutes, then putting them right into a big bowl of ice water for another few minutes. Then I put the leaves on clean towels to dry, then place them into plastic zip-top freezer bags and press to get out the air. I'm hoping this works.

We have high hopes for the Brussels sprouts. They have teeny tiny sprouts growing, so we just have to wait.

These leeks are our newest experiment. Sadly, the seedlings did not make it, so these guys are plants we bought at the farmer's market. Sometimes, the plants just work better than the seeds.

That was not the case with the beets, however. This big guy is the star of the show. We're hoping there's a lot of beet under these leaves! Roasted beets are one of my favorites.

So, if we're not in the house making jewelry, we're weeding. Forever. Or eating up some of our bounty. Or cutting up others' bounty from a recent trade. I sense a rhubarb pie in my future...


  1. Great job at your gardening!! I am jealous, I have a black thumb! ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm actually the Gardening Assistant. Hubby has the Gardening director role. :)