Sunday, July 12, 2015

Change: the norm for now

Over the past four months, I've changed career tracks, taken a real live vacation and made some major changes in personal habits, acquired a new family member in the form of a puppy and as a result, blogging has, well, taken a backseat.

That's really the opposite of how it's supposed to work. In the blogging world, and today, in every medium, every change is wrought and written right out in the open for everyone to see. Instead of sharing as I go, I tend with withdraw when change arrives, dealing with it in private, and waiting to see how it plays out before saying much about it to anyone who isn't part of the situation.

While I don't get into where I work on this here blog, suffice to say I went from being a full-time writer/editor to a full-time project manager, with some proofing and little-to-no writing on the side. In addition to the usual new place, new folks and new schedule to learn about, there was a host of new software skills to master.

For the first couple weeks, I thought my brain was going to explode from cramming too much information in there. It was both exhilarating and painful, in the same way a casual jogger who finds herself in the middle of a marathon thinks she could run forever, but her legs might just fall off. Three months later, I'm finding my brain again, tired and shaky, but still kicking, and sort of unused to all the new ideas in there.

As a result of said gig, I had to rejigger my mornings, and began getting up a full hour earlier than I had been. I eat breakfast before arriving, most mornings, pack a lunch and am regularly early to work. I see dew on the grass, and birds singing and the early morning sun glinting off the river. I even work out after work. This is all a bit of a shock to the system, let alone people who know me.

In the middle of all this, I had the audacity to take a week's vacation. Granted, we'd been planning and paying for it since January, but it was hugely generous of the new gig to let us keep the dates. And so, we gallivanted around Mexico, wasted brain and all, and tried to revive ourselves by staring at palm trees. Which really kind of worked.

Perhaps the biggest shock of all this is finding I don't miss the writing as much. Instead, I miss the people who I worked with and the people I used to interview and write about. I miss hearing how business is going, how the family is, and hearing the passion for what they do in their voices. While I enjoyed doing the writing, the conversations were always the catalyst for me.

As a result of the past months, I'm rethinking all the things. My wardrobe has had an overhaul that was not entirely inexpensive. I went through my makeup and tossed stuff out. I've been reading new books rather than re-reading the old (I'm looking at you, overly addictive Outlander series.). I want to re-organize the entire house. And I'm rethinking this blog, considering all the things I want to write about, now that I'm not contracted to write about anything super-specific on the daily.

For instance, new farmers and their crops. And in the same breath, makeup, and outfits of the day. And typewriters. And health issues. Craft beer brewing in basements. Local restaurants. New recipes that don't use anything in a can. Book reviews. Fish-keeping. Raising dogs. Dealing with a new puppy. What constitutes cold-brew coffee. Making homemade bug spray. A review of our trip. I mean, is there a blog for all that?? It seems insane. Who would read one of those things, and then realize that the same blog had a post on cleaning and polishing hardwood the next day?

However, just a warning that you may want to prepare yourselves for some of it, all of it or none of it. Like the change over the past few months, this too, may pass. There may be recipes. I have a great one for strawberry jam, just in time for the season to be over. Or rhubarb mini-pies which were fabulous. And absolutely no photos for the pasta with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella that we ate as if it were our last meal. We did plant all those seeds, and while I could show you a photo of the overflowing garden, I'd have to take one first, probably.

So, we'll see. In the meantime, here's Livvy June, our new puppy as of July 4, and Augie's new best buddy. And of all the changes over the last few months, she's campaigning for No. 1. Well-played, Livvy.

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  1. YES! I want to read about ALL of that!!! xoxoxo