Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beer trips: Good for what ails you

Sometimes it's good to just get away. For us, that usually involves breweries of some kind. Every few months we traverse up to Wisconsin for the elusive New Glarus beers, and locally, we get a growler every now and then from Great River Brewery in Davenport, Bent River in Moline or most recently, Green Tree Brewery in LeClaire, Iowa. This weekend we opted for Great River's Dirty Blonde and Milk Stout, two of our favorites.

Last weekend, we went a bit further afield to Geneseo, to try Lionstone Brewing and Geneseo Brewing Co.

Geneseo Brewing Co. originally got started in 1814, and then got going again in 2014. In addition to a great bar atmosphere, they had good sandwiches and a long chalkboard list of beers to try. Fun fact - they will also sell you a half growler.

Beers we tried at Geneseo Brewing Co. included: To the Moon, Alice; Oatmeal Stout; Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse; Uncle Herbs Dunkel and Son of A Peach, which turned out to be our favorite. We even took home a growler of it, and a half growler of the To the Moon.

(The Naked Dove growler was a gift - we have yet to go there, but I love the logo!)

Lionstone Brewing opened last year and has a more extensive menu. We had meatballs in a homemade sauce served in a tiny cast-iron skillet for an appetizer, and there was plenty more to pick from.

At Lionstone, we tried: Iron Harvest Saison; the Hefeweizen; Ginger Snap and the Porter, all served in mini-tulip glasses. We opted for a growler of the Hefeweizen to take home. The Ginger Snap was good, but too high octane even for me!

We have been to breweries all over the U.S., and still have a special place in our heart for Saugatuck Brewing in Michigan. (The sheer amount of beers on nitro is amazing, particularly the Neapolitan Milk Stout. Maggie's Irish Ale on nitro - I have dreams about it.) It's amazing the growth of good local beers, though, and we'll be back to Geneseo with growlers to fill soon!

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