Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy magical 2016!

Well, it's a new year, and I told myself, "Self, you need to blog more. Let's try it." So here we are.

A good friend once wrote me a card that said, "may you always find the magic in every day," and that pretty much sums up the theme for this coming year. We can always find the magic in every day, because it's always there, somewhere. Kiddos see this all the time - adults have to remember how.

Perhaps it's tougher in a world filled with home repairs, bills and work to remind ourselves to look up from the grind, listen to our hearts and take time to observe what's around us. It doesn't seem as important to notice the sun on the snow-covered trees, the possible meaning in the song on the radio or someone holding the door for another, but it it is. These are the big small things that make up the magic of life.

Here's a couple things I use to remember...

DIVINA: A Journal for Magical Babes, Vol. 1, by Darla Antoine, is my new journal for the year. Full disclosure: I edited the companion book to this - ORACLE: Divination for Magical Babes - for the author and my friend, Darla, which was a fantastic experience and opportunity. The entire time I was editing, I was itching to reach for a pen and start the exercises in this book. She's redefining the idea of dreams and spiritual ideas, and you'll want to get in on discovering your dream magic ASAP.

ORACLE contains a plethora of info on divination, dreams, spiritual guides and rituals. DIVINA, Vol. 1, is the journal you'll use from January to June, to jot down your dreams from last night, plus your intentions, and the magic that happened that day. Plus, she has a ton of articles on her site. Pretty cool!

I discovered Erin Condren planners last year, and I love the message that they convey. I just got mine in the mail for this year. These planners have removable covers and day placeholders, and are just all about the positive - quotes like, "If I can dream it, I can become it" and "Say yes to new adventures!". There's room for the daily to-dos, but also for notes on each day and week. You can also personalize the covers with a quote or photo. They also - bonus - come in the prettiest boxes, wrapped in tissue. Love it.

Zenned Out jewelry: Bought some of the silver cuff bracelets this past year - they are solid, adjustable and hold up very well, even to puppy teeth. (Somebody was hungry.) They also have inspirational reminders on the inside like "Trust the Universe" and "Breathe".

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: Wow. An honest look at the creative process - from inspiration and theories on how we get ideas - to implementation. Because sometimes you just need to get shit done and fear is a roadblock we don't need. This is a great message for the new year - got ideas? Get going!

Furiously Happy by The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson: A great reminder to find the humor in everyday life, even when the tunnel gets very, very dark. Hilarious, honest and includes taxidermy. What's not to like? is also home to the annual James Garfield holiday miracle. Awesome.

So there you go - some items for the magical tool box. :) More later!

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