Monday, February 22, 2016

Divina Dream Magic: Crystals

So, guess what? Today's blog post is not on this blog. It's over here, on Darla's Divina.tion blog! You might remember me mentioning Oracle and Divina, the book and journal she wrote, about a month back. I've been using the journal just about every night, and it's been fun to turn back and read about the dreams I've had...

So, when she asked me to do a guest post for her Divina Dream Magic blog about crystals, I was pretty excited! In addition to typewriters (that's a whole blog post in itself) I'm into collecting rocks, crystals, geodes, you name it, and I appreciate their many properties as well. If you head over to Divina, you can read all about them.

We'll be back here in about a week, with a shockingly large number of book reviews and more fun stuff, including seedling (!!) photos. See you next time!

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