Monday, March 7, 2016

Everyday winter magic

As I referenced in my first post, this is the year of finding magic in the everyday. (We're calling it winter for kicks. Yes, I know it's 60 degrees - just roll with it.)

It's not always easy to do. Today, for instance, was a tough day. Phone calls with doctor's offices - for routine crap. (Really? On hold three times? Seems excessive.) Phone calls with repair people. Organizing upcoming events. Traffic on bridges. Leaky faucets. Nothing major, but kind of a combination of crap. Not exactly the kind of day for magic. More the type of day for cursing the minutiae of everyday life, really. (Why hellooo, bitter barn! :) )

And yet, there is magic. That's the thing - it's there, every single day, repairs or not, waiting for us to notice. So, here we go!

First off, miracle of miracles, the seedlings are blooming! Under the glare of an LED grow light, but still - tomatoes!

While we're at it, let's give some props to the hibiscus that won't quit. This is an end-of-February/beginning of March bloom we've got going on here. Way to be, plants!

Peace between our dogs.

This doesn't seem like a big deal in the photo, but just recently our youngest has been a terror on walks, prompting us to start obedience training this month. Nice to see the calmer side!

Girl Scout cookies. Yay for February! (Sadly, this is our second order. :/ )

And let's give it up for some funny cats. Gollum was posing nicely for the camera when he got distracted.

Turns out he was staring at Charlie, pretending to be a ballerina.

You can't make this stuff up, kids. More next time!

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