Tuesday, June 21, 2016

California to Iowa, Part I

So, we went to California in March, to help my aunt and uncle move, and bring back some family heirlooms. While we spent most of the time with family, hearing stories of the things they had collected over the years and reminiscing, we made sure to focus on priorities. And by that, I mean the best burgers ever.

I kid, I kid! But for the love of grease, why isn't there an In N Out in the Midwest?? 

When we weren't eating fast food or packing or talking family history, we were driving, and our route took us from southern Cali through Utah to Colorado and back across the grain belt to Iowa.

There were orange trees and almond trees.

There were organic farms and roadside stands selling produce at unbelievable prices - avocados 10 for $1!

And there were local nurseries with cats and beautiful plants, the likes of which should never live here, but somehow an orange tree made it inside the car?

And of course, there was a brewery: Sequoia Brewing Company.

We had a flight of several choices, but I want to say the Big Horn Red IPA and the Black Oak Porter were both favorites. We also picked up a few brews to take home at the local grocery store. 

Then, at long last, there were foothils, and mountains and higher elevations. 

We ended up in Hurricane, Utah, the first night, before driving into Zion. Two things to not miss in Hurricane: Triple TJ's Cafe, a family-owned joint with excellent sour cherry cobbler and super nice people, and River Rock Roasting Company - just buy all the coffee and food you can carry, especially coffee beans for later and the delicious breakfast croissants that can feed two people for hiking. Holy moley. 

From there we journeyed into Zion... but that's another blog post. Until next time!

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