Tuesday, July 5, 2016

California to Iowa, Part 3

Well, we drove out of Zion National Park, and decided - we want more! - so off we went to Bryce Canyon National Park because why not. Turns out it was right down the road, and even more beautiful, if more packed with tourists.

But the red rocks are gorgeous.

There are several pocket trails if you're into that, and also if you're not trying to drive across country and get back home in a reasonable amount of days.

Some folks are more adventurous than others.

From there, the land began to come down from its height, into the lowlands and desert. 

We saw the strangest things. This sign that said no services for 100 miles, lovingly set off by the "No Bull" header. Cars off the road at random. People walking. (From where?) The solar panels in a field. Like, huge ones. And then, finally we drove north, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And we landed in Colorado in great weather, which turned cloudy, then gray, and then slightly worse than bad. Long story short, we got stranded in Vail. Because of this.

Might not look like much, but it was enough to close Vail Pass. We ended up overnight at a great place, considering we found it in a snow storm - the Christie Lodge. They were super nice, and had a fabulous Thai restaurant and bar on site - bonus! The next morning, I woke up to check the roads. Turned out Vail Pass was open. We got ready in a record-breaking 15 minutes, and white-knuckled it through the pass, side-eyeing the trucks putting on chains and trying not to think about our California tires, getting to Golden about two hours later, exhausted. From there, let's just say our patience wore thin with the trip. We barreled home through the rest of Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa, chasing trains and eating the best fast food we could come up with on the way,
including Zombie Burger in Des Moines.

At last, we made it home. The next day we picked up the dogs. Who licked us, and then promptly fell asleep.

The End.

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