Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25

Read some writing advice recently to "write what you want to read" and I thought, "surely not". Because how would you absorb the winding path that is the things I want to read?

Then again, here's what I have been reading and checking out lately. It's not the stack of library books I returned at the eleventh hour, I can tell you that. Although Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was a trip in the best possible way and worth the fine!

Instead, the links I linger on seem to be focused on running. Mostly because I've been running more. For the first time in a long time, I ran over the winter. Like, outside. This sounds crazy, even during a mild winter like we had this year. And it wasn't much - just Saturdays and some weight/yoga/crossfit classes on Tuesdays, part of a Fleet Feet Davenport Winter Warriors training program I joined with friends. I missed some thanks to a fabulous sinus infection and various, but I did run while we were in Florida for a week.

Spring returned and with it, the 5K races. The first one was on St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'd been running 3 miles most Saturdays and thought nothing of it. I waved my friends on - "see you at the end!" - and while I knew I'd been running a bit faster, I didn't expect to finish the race much differently than any other year. That is to say, slowly.

But then, I finished. And got my ticket. Where it said I had a 11.23 min. split. And I thought, "holy shit." Because about a year ago, I was rocking a 13.5 minute mile pretty hardcore. And that was on a good day.

So, here we are. I'm running with people now, which is a totally new experience. I even do drills and crossfit-y stuff from time to time. I also have new aches and pains - the bonus of any healthy stunt. And a new stretching regimen, courtesy of my sister and niece.

It's neat.

Running links:

SaraKurth.com: Sara, a certified running pro person, writes a blog and enewsletter which comes along every now and then with some good advice, and excellent links to send you to new places in the internets. The enewsletter called Huffing and Puffin. And there's a picture of a puffin. Love.

AskLaurenFleshman.com: Lauren's a retired pro runner person who has some informative stuff on her blog about running, naturally, but life in general.

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